I was really excited to see Canadian performer Drake hit the Grammy stage last night with Eminem and Lil' Wayne. I god, what a potential spectacle ...I was so excited. Three powerhouses I was anticipating. And Travis Barker playing drums!

The censorship was so ridiculous. At one point about a minute into Lil' Wayne's singing the network just turned off the sound for 5 seconds, then another 4 seconds. That is a long time for dead air. I was hoping to find it uncensored today. All three singers were censored. I just don't get why art should be allowed to be censored. I mean really, if you even watch this video, and are like me, well you'll just have to laugh. Last night, Stagg and I just threw up our hands and looked at each other "What the fuck?" (it was a fun show otherwise and I was really happy for Drake! Come a long way from DeGrassi, little brother)