And Yet Even More Wallpaper Photos

We took some of my wallpaper downstairs to the back alley to get a look at it the other evening. We laid the wallpaper out along the building so cars could still get by if they needed to. I'm standing on the second floor fire-escape and a lot of the photo is out of focus...but the florescent "tree" shape is the area of painting that the camera could focus on. I have been using about %99 recycled materials.

(above) You can see Stagg in the upper left hand corner of photo to give you an idea of scale. I took this pic from the third floor.

I've got a small container of watered down black paint so I can "take notes" on the laid out wallpaper.

These are two separate pieces but I can see now how to attach them...and I'll tape them up on my studio wall to do so...

Back upstairs...I made a set of paper to go between the two segments and glued and painted them to blend.

The following two pictures you can see some of the details I fixed up in these sections and finished off. Stagg is holding up the next section which I haven't attached yet to the far left of the picture.