Basement Progress: My Fairytale Room Part 3

Back in July I mentioned our plans to create a nice dressing room off of our master bedroom, when we relocate our bedroom back to our lower level.  Before, we had an unused sitting area and a walk-in closet.  So we decided to maximize the space and create one giant room for getting dressed, doing hair and makeup, and even exercising.  It's going to be a very multifunctional space!

Then, August rolled around and we rolled an entire wall of stencil!

Now it's October.  And we finally saved enough pennies over the last three months to splurge on our new closets!

So for the last three nights, the hubs has been building and building and building some more!  You know how IKEA furniture goes, it can take FOREVER to create.  And it seemed as though it did....  But now they are done and we are in love.

We decided to go with the ASPELUND armoires:

I almost cried when I saw how much of my stencil they covered...

I know this option is not for everyone, I will be the first to admit it.  But we decided to go this route for a couple of reasons:
We have been living with hardly any closet space for the last year and have enjoyed the simplicity it has provided.  And these armoires are larger than the closet we have been using.We wanted to keep our clothing concealed neatly behind doors.We wanted to maximize the use of the new room and make it multi-functional vs. just a closet.Here is a look at the storage on in the inside:

Of course I plan to work my magic over time to expand the storage that it initially provided.  And it's amazing how much shelving space there is, the cabinet is just under two feet deep.

For the hangers, we each used a 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to try out some super slim hangers, making each set of 50 hangers, just $24 each.

We have always just used the typical white plastic hangers and I am already excited to see the difference these new hangers make in maximizing the hanging space,  So nice and slim!

So that is how things are moving along here.  A project in the studio, maybe one in the playroom and then one in the dressing room.  I feel like we are moving in slow motion, but I know that's how renovations go.

In three months we have gone from this:

To this:

And because I know you mom's out there might appreciate a glimpse into real life at the Jones' abode, when I opened the armoire door to snap a pic for today's post... I first saw this...

You see the bottom?  These have already been a victim of hide and seek. And someone was breaking the no food out of the kitchen rule...

It's those moments that keep me giggling.  Oh to be a kid again!

Now comes the fun part!  Building a vanity and finding an old dresser to paint.  And then bringing in color.  I am so on the fence about the colors I want to bring into the room... only time will tell!

Is anyone else using only an armoire for storing away your attire?  What are your thoughts?