Who could not resist these quick and easy christmas trees to make with the kids over the holidays.  They were the perfect thing to make for the school christmas fair, and a favourite amongst the children spending their pocket money.

In a large pan melt 100g White Chocolate, 200g Marshmallows, and 3 tbsp Golden Syrup.  When they have completely melted, stir in 100g Rice Krispies.  Quick as you can start stuffing some waffle Cones.  You should be able to make about 8.  Be warned, this is a sticky job and as the Krispies start to cool the mixture gets really stretchy.
When they are filled, push a lolly stick into the mixture and leave upside down to set.  I've used an egg tray but glasses would also do the job.  Once they have set, coat the cones with green icing and sprinkles.