Coffee Table Switcharoo

Happy Friday my friends!  I hope you have a fun weekend ahead of you!  I apologize for the light posting this week, I ended up traveling three days for a work event and came home to birthdays for both my youngest son and my husband.  So much goodness but with my travel, I wasn't able to get as much writing completed as I initially planned.  However, I have another post I am finishing up as part of the blogging series, so I hope to have that out to you asap as well.

Last week I had a few questions and emails regarding our new coffee table, and today I am excited to be sharing the new star of the living room!  She is a beauty!

You may remember our previous coffee table was an inexpensive IKEA table with a faux marble top.  The table itself worked great and did everything that we asked of it in the putting up our feet and holding our drinks department.

This update was purely aesthetics with a side of happiness due to the size change as well.

The new table is almost two inches smaller than the previous table, giving us a little nicer flow in front of the sofa.

But what I truly fell in love with was the warm wood tones and the beautiful detailing.  The table added so much instant warmth to our living area, without having to turn up the heat in our home.

I have been on a huge kick when it comes to bringing wood tones and warmth into our home.  I still love me some major splashes of color paired with beautiful white furniture, however, something needs to balance all of that out.  Sprinkling in various tones of wood has been doing wonders all over our home.

I initially lusted after this Ballard Designs option, however, it was just too expensive and the size wasn't quite right.  And then I spotted this version at World Market, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

And it was as if they knew I was pondering the purchase because it didn't take long to receive one of their 30% off coupons in my email.  The coffee table universe aligned in my favor and all is right in our living room.  I really love how it plays off of the new wooden top we added to the built-ins in the front of the room.

So what about the faux marble option?  It went where all of our furniture goes to die; to our lower level family room.

Funny thing is we use this space for family movie night and love that our pets can join us on the couch, but it is by far my least finished and therefor least favorite room in our home.  It is a hodge podge of pieces and that huge leather sectional sucks the life out of the windowless area.  But that thing is just so dang practical with pets and kids.  The pillows are all wrong, the leggy furniture is all wrong... someday this room will get our personal touch it deserves, but until then, the coffee table brightened it up just enough to make a small difference and balance out some of that leather.

It offers a place for me to put down my drink, to spot for bowls of popcorn and an area to keep my favorite design books at hand.  Maybe I can find inspiration in one of those books to finally get something moving in this space... oh the irony!

But, until I know for sure if the couch will live on forever in the Jones abode, the footstool and coffee table combo is functioning just right for us.  It was a win to have a new surface to match the primary function of the room. 

With snow in our forecast, our home needs all the warmth it can get right now!  Yes, I said the "S" word...  It makes me shudder as well.

How have you been adding warm touches to your home with the changing of the season?