IHeart: Fresh Home Magazine Feature

Did you ever have a dream when you were growing up?  Like to be a pilot or firefighter?  Or the next Vanna White?  Maybe it was to someday have your own 101 dalmatian plantation, only with babies instead and a handsome husband to grow old and happy with?  No?

Well, we have all had dreams, whatever they are, big or small, and I know I am sounding like the typical off the wall crazy sap of a person I am, but I too once had a dream....

What was/is that dream you might ask?  Well, no chuckles, it was always to be featured in a magazine.  My home that is.  I have always since the beginning of my time, been infatuated with houses.  From building them out of blocks, drawing them in endless stacks of notepads, once pondering becoming an architect, realizing I would rather play with fabric colors and organize cabinets and shrinking my house one layer of paint at a time.  Yes, I love all things home and organizing related.  It's a little HUGE crush INFATUATION I have... in case you hadn't noticed to this point.

And nope, my house hasn't been featured in a magazine or print to this date which is absolutely A-OK since I am living a dream each and every day anyway!

But here is where the crazy part comes in.  There is a pretty incredible home magazine.  You may have heard of it?  Fresh Home Magazine anyone!?!

Yeah, that's the summer issue, it just hit the ol' newstands!

So where am I going with all of these rambles?

Totally insanely crazy to pick up a magazine and see my mug in there.  First time printed in a publication of any sorts.  I kinda get giddy just thinking about it.  Would I be crazy to frame this?  And pick up 27 copies for my friends and family members and for keepsakes?  I mean seriously, it's Fresh Home Magazine.  It's such an honor to be included with such a fabulous group of Fresh Faces, including one of my favorite blog peeps, Amanda from Our Humble A{Bowe}d {she is on page 77}

Anywho, as always, I totally found oodles of inspiration in the most recent issue.  So many fun and bright colors which is exactly my cup of tea!  You just gotta check it out!

And for a fun Friday topic, I just gotta know, what was your dream growing up, and did it ever come true?  Do you have a whole new set of dreams now?