Office Makeover: Mission Accomplished!

I am back with a home office update!  As you may recall, I completed a "Home Office Switcharoo" project I had been working, in which I updated an unused sitting area off of the master bedroom, to a cozy and completely functional, home office space.  And the reason being is because not only did I make some final last editions to the space that I absolutely HEART, I also think it's a good idea to reflect on your space, about a month after completion, to see if it's everything you thought it would be.

So, about the new additions, one was a lot more major than the other, but they both brought great closure for me and the makeover.

Addition number one, an office chair.  As I had mentioned here, a comfortable office chair is an office must.  Although what we were using was functional and basically free, as I stole it from a table set that we use as a game table, it wasn't exactly comfortable.  Especially if in use for a long period of time.  Here is a quick reminder of the chair that was residing in the space:

I had been playing the gambling game.  I had a dream chair in mind, I knew I really liked the skirted Parson's style chairs.  So, when I found my dream chair, I was really bummed with the $269 price tag.  When I say the gambling game, it's the game where you watch the price of something that you love, so much, and hope you can snag it at a much lower price, before it's no longer available.  It's like you just wait and wonder, will it drop more or do I do it now?  Will I wait too long and lose out on it forever?  And generally, when you lose out on something good, you might feel sad, but there is always other options available.  In this case, no sad feelings necessary.  I got it for $100 off and free shipping, so I felt ok with the final price.  Because I really HEART the chair and it HEARTS me back, as it shows me over and over with it's amazing hugs while I am seated in it.  Without further ado, the chair:
Oh, it couldn't be any more perfect for the space!  And the chair pillow, was me trying to stay young, a purchase awhile back from Pottery Barn Teen.  Yes, I bought something for myself from a teen store, and then I found myself watching The Breakfast Club and Adventures in Babysitting... 

The curves and details in the chair are so fabulous.  And the most important part, besides it's beauty, is it is comfortable.  Meaning I can blog in complete bliss!
The second addition isn't as big or exciting, but adds a nice little pop of color and freshness to the space.  It is a new grouping of flowers and a cute little ceramic bird, that hasn't received a name yet, but most likely will since he and I will be spending many hours together.
The pinks in the bouquet definitely pick up on the rest of the pink accents throughout the space, actually making everything tie together that much more.  And the bird is just that added charm the space was longing for!
Here is one last look at the Before:

And the Afters:

The reflection portion is good news.  IHEART my new space, more than I ever thought I would.  It feels like home, and that is great not only because it is home, but it's typically a space for working, but I really don't mind what I am doing in there, because it's so fabulous!  And functional as well.  It's so easy to get at and find anything that I need, it's all within arms reach, and pretty besides!

So, anyone laughing that I bought myself an accessory for my personal space from a teen store?  Is that a decorating "no no" or do I have fellow closet "teen department" shoppers as well!  Please tell me I didn't just commit decorating suicide, because I will most likely do it again!

Looking for more on this home office makeover?  Check out the different stages: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5!  Thanks all!