Pie's Big Idea: 20 Comments Wednesday

Last week someone came up with a cool idea. After hearing about a blog retiring it's comments options due to lack of participation...PIE inspired a Wednesday activity. Post 20 comments on different blogs and then e mail him the list and he'll post it with the links.

I also noticed, after being away from computers for a week...that one of my favourite blogs has closed shop. I was so shocked and sad. I was often the only person who commented on his blog...but it was such a cool place and he was a great writer and thinker. He is sorely missed already( it was pebbeleculture...and if you stop by here and I hope you do...know that I miss you! and if you're just re-grouping please let me know if you're back!)

I look at blogging as my virtual living room. I don't have one theme, like many blogs do...I often post about remote topics that I happen to find interesting and I like to think about. In a lot of ways, I am amazed if someone does take the time to come here and visit. I am not the life of the party...but I sure like sitting next to the life of the party...if you will. I am a person who responds more to the people around her. I love my blog list. When Desert Oddysey suggested in his "HUMP" reviews that bloggers make less links,less links visible, I think thats ridiculous. I also think he is wrong. I think links and comments are what make or break a blog in many ways. Obviously we want to be interested in the content of a blog...but the dynamic atmosphere of linking and commenting is what makes them so much more fun than a web site. I love visiting other blogs and responding to their thoughts, actually more than I love posting my own posts! Weird huh? but I do, I'm a listener in a lot of ways. I like other peoples talking and thinking. It revs me up.

Ever notice how some people are stingy with their comments? They tend to be stingy with their linking too...as if they are too tight to share. I am suspicious of folks who hold linking to their blog as some kind of "acheivement " or "honor". No, stingy with blogs and links is stingy with compassion and niceness too. Bitter folks should be avoided at all costs in life, they are toxic!

Not only do I think blogs show a persons temperment and spiritual and mental attitude...I think they are not some foreign space they are like any other social situation. Freewill. We can't force people to visit or comment. Sometimes bloggers that are too controlling or needy can be offputting. I find it a spiritual ailment to desire to be popular...which is why I teased Guy Kawasaki about his wanting to be technorati top ten. Kawasaki says quite honestly he likes to be popular. And I guess as much as I've had fun making his portrait and trying to sell it on eBay...he is honest, and everyone likes to be loved or shown some curtesy. Bloggers are people too! heh heh.

I think Pie's idea about saying hi on Wednesday is a great concept.

Anyways...I thought I would make a post here about The Pie Shops idea for 20 comments Wednesday, TODAY, so others reading this might join in by Wednesday. You can go to his blog and he has made some "html button" for the concept( you can see it in my sidebar)...which I think is so cool and ambitious. Instead of waiting till Wednesday...I am jumping in here now to list 20 blogs I commented on today and I will do so again in conjuncture with Pie's blog on Wednesday. I think this is such a cool community concept...and also if you think about it, it's almost like it would be if we were at a party together introducing one another.

So here are the blogs I have commented on today in anticipation of this coming 20 comments Wednesday!...thanks The PIE Shop!!!!

William Foxtrot
High Class Jack Ass
Blog About Nowt
Fat Fiz Brain Drain
English Ranter
The Pie Shop
Watch My Loss
Individualist Spiritualist Anarchist Barbie
The Healing Room
The Emancipation of Alyas
Hair and Heart
Heavy Mentalist
Reds Page
Apperceptive Journey
Minj's Picnic Site
I've Made A Terrible Mistake
Four Dinners
Things That Make You Go Hmm
Wandering Coyote

This idea for 20 Comments Wednesdays also inspired several discussions about

Why blog?
What do you want from blogging?
How important are comments?
How important are visitors?
How important is a sense of community for you blogging?

I think the season has slowed down peoples participation at least in several even vastly popular blogs I visit. Is it the World Cup? Is it the kids home from school?
Is it the fine weather getting people outside doing other things?