Saturday Lunch

I thought I'd share with you my typical Saturday lunch. Some of you may find it a bit grotesque, but I don't care. Saturday lunch always forms itself from whatever happens to be in the fridge or in the cupboard prior to our trip to the grocery store. This Saturday's lunch was particularly weird. It consisted of two hardboiled eggs (lightly salted and peppered), some Triscuit crackers with Swiss cheese, grape tomatoes, pickled hot peppers, a glass of white wine (a nice Reisling from Ontario) and for dessert a 'pink lady' apple, two Lassy Mog cookies and...a sour key candy. Scrumptious! By the way, that's a pig-shaped cutting board I made in shop class in grade 8.
I won't blame you if you find this revolting. But, you know what? It was actually really good!