The Bunker...

Hi y'all!!!

Thanks for the cheery messages!

We escaped into the bunker for some movie therapy.

We ate lots of salad, some prime rib and some chocolate. Watched a lot of chick flicks....

4 episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Just Like Heaven(cute with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffino6/10) Prime (very good characters, Streep was hilarious8/10), V is for Vendetta (excellent, depressing and then sort of must have been rated restricted for content/philosophy, not for sex8/10), Failure To Launch(worth it for sexy McCaunahy, but S.J.Harper was cold and dry5/10) Eight Below(those dogs can really ACT:8/10), Torn Curtain (cool to see Julie Andrews and Paul Newman be sexy together...odd, but still a good Hitchcock8/10) Casanova(the new one:8/10), Thumbsucker ( everyone is so good in this one, the kid, Pucci, reminds me of the kind of potential we first saw in Furlong, hope he wears it better 8/10)

Usually, when I get a heavy movie, I try to rent a lighter one...should have done that with Syriana. Heh heh. All fixed now. (I can't believe Syriana even was allowed to be made!It is so controversial)