You Asked: Clutter Cabinet

I have gotten the ol' question a couple of times... and when I opened up my "clutter cabinet" to prepare for some holiday displays, I knew it was time to share my little secret.

A home typically is filled with accessories throughout, it's our way of bringing rooms together, giving them our personal touch, and creating comfort that also tells our story.  The trouble is, that too many accessories can begin to turn in to clutter.  And accessories can also really begin to accumulate over time.

I always struggled with where to store accessories.  They were in miscellaneous random places throughout the home, and I could never seem to find exactly what I was looking for.

Until I the light bulb got brighter and I decided they all should be kept together, in one cabinet.  Pretty genius thinking right?  I know, you would think I was a Harvard graduate.

So, simple as that, I created my very own "clutter cabinet", right inside this kitchen buffet table:

The two end cabinet doors tuck away all my extra home accessories, keeping all of that extra clutter, out of site!

Nothing really too exciting going on in there.  It's just filled with extra candles, hurricanes, chargers/plates, mason jars, pebbles, a crate filled with faux decorative accessories, and vases.

The best part is always having a one stop shop for any home decor!  This is always the first place I go "shopping" when searching my home for storage ideas or when I am just simply switchin' things up around the home.

The challenging part is that the cabinet is full.  Bursting at the seams worse than I was at Thanksgiving.  So, if something new comes in, that means something must go.  Either to the most perfect spot in my home, or more likely, to be donated.  Same philosophy as with clothes and shoes.  New pair in, old pair out.  We only have so much storage in this itty bitty casa.

Where is your secret hiding space?  Any other storage tips for home accessory goddesses?