You Asked: Favorite Organizing Book

Although I get boatloads of questions each day {sorry if you are waiting a response, you will get one, I am just a smidge behind on emails at the moment}, one of the most popular questions is, "What is your favorite organizing book?"

Before I get to the answer, I will say, the internet is an AMAZING thing.  Seriously, I can't imagine life without it as it has offered me the opportunity to meet insanely creative and inspiring individuals in blog land.  And the addition of Pinterest was a serious game changer.  Life will NEVER be the same.  Endless amounts and eye candy and motivation and inspiration and talent.  And the best part is that you can scour the web for hours {or days?} and not pay more than your monthly internet bill {unless you hit up a local WiFi joint with free internet, at which point you are getting 100% free yet priceless inspiration!}

However, no matter how great the internet is, it just doesn't compare to a good book or magazine.  When given the choice, I always pick a paper version for my dose of inspiration any day.  Even if it's one I have looked at so much that the pages are literally falling out.  Something about curling up on the couch, basking in the sun or taking a long car ride with a sack of books and magazines by my side, is actually one of my absolutely most favorite things to do!

Now back to the question.  What is the book I reach to most?  Well, it's stored amongst a pretty good collection of books in the living room....

And out of them all, the winner is: RealSimple: The Organized Home.

Now I will say, I look at A LOT of organizing books for ideas and solutions, in fact, I have somewhere between 15-20.  But this is the one that gets the most love and attention.  Here are some of the reason's why.

It goes room by room throughout the entire home {including those smaller areas like the pantry, coat and bedroom closets, the medicine cabinet and entryways}:

For each type of space, there are incredible, bright full page photographs.

It also offers just the right amount of advice on storage/organization:

It talks about the basic supplies that make a room top performing and effective:

It also offers room by room "Simple Solutions" to common storage dilemmas:

It even talks about optimal furniture pieces that make the most sense in a space!

I have scoured this book at least a hundred plus times and I still find something new each time.  Something new that pops out at me.  Something new that inspires me.  Something new that pushes me to get another project checked off the ol' list.  It really is my bff book.

Anyone else share the same passion for a good book, organizing or any other subject?  What's your fav read?  Any other organizing book suggestions that give you your recommended dose of motivation?

P.S.  I haven't been paid or perked by Real Simple, just responding to a common question with a completely honest answer.  Looking for another FANTASTIC organizing book, check out this post here.